Service Contract


On the one hand rent with the title, Vatan Cad No:11 opposite the airport – Trabzon at the revolution rental cars on the other side in the address information given as a member of the website, resident/company-based member name / surname of the tenant and the following conditions have agreed to rent a car. From now on, in the text of the contract, the Parties to the revolution rental cars lessor, member of the person/organization will be defined as the tenant.


The lessee agrees to deliver the vehicle to the lessee for use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and the lessee agrees to pay the rental and reflection charges specified in this Agreement. The lessee will be able to use the vehicles or vehicles only to the persons declared in the contract and presented the driver’s documents. In the event that there is a change in these persons, the tenant shall be notified immediately by verbal communication, in writing within 24 hours in any case. The lessee reserves the right to charge additional charges related to the driver’s change or addition. The lessee shall not transfer or assign the provisions of this Agreement to another person without the written consent of the lessor, assign the vehicles to another person’s use in any way, show them as a guarantee, rent them or set up any other legal procedure without the written consent of the lessor. Vehicles can not be taken abroad without the written consent of the lessor.


The contract starts with the rental date of the vehicle and is valid until the rental date, and the extension of the contract will be possible with an additional written Protocol. In cases where the tenant does not return the vehicle on the date of surrender, from the end of the contract period until the date of delivery of the vehicle not exceeding 15 days for each late day, which is the reflection of the price of that vehicle daily monthly rental price monthly rental price at the expiry of 15 days will result in being charged until the delivery date.


The compulsory traffic insurance of these cars shall be arranged by the lessor, including traffic insurance declarations, car plate taxes (Motor Vehicle tax) and any maintenance and periodic checks, including the costs related to these transactions. All parking, petrol, Bridge, highway, driver error caused by the vehicle failures, driver error caused by traffic fines will be paid by the tenant.


The rental price of the leased vehicle is fixed during the rental period and 18% VAT will be added to the invoice.Changes in VAT rates (+/-) will be reflected in prices. If the vehicle is rented monthly, payments will be made to any bank account of the lessee within the first week of each month. Rent price bills will be arranged at the beginning of the rental every month and will be sent to the tenant’s residence address.

In cases where emergency care is required, the tenant must obtain the consent of the lessor by verbal communication. Emergency expenses without approval shall not be borne by the lessor. The burden of proof that verbal consent has been received shall be on the tenant.

In the event of an emergency, the tenant shall be entitled to receive the invoice on behalf of the lessor and the amount paid shall be paid in cash by the lessee along with the original invoice. In the event that the repair times of the vehicles will exceed 24 hours by the authorized service, a vehicle (equivalent vehicle) will be delivered to the lessor within 24 hours after the authorized service period notification. Tire changes that are not caused by user errors will be made as soon as possible by the lessee. (no user error will be proved by the tenant in writing from the authorized service. The lessee shall be liable to the lessor for any loss or damage that may be incurred by the lessor as a result of the loss or damage to the lessor and the lessee shall be liable to the lessor for any loss or damage. The tenant shall pay the notice and advertisement taxes to be paid for these articles and logos, and shall be removed during the return of the vehicles and the vehicles shall be returned in a clean manner.

The lessee, the vehicle accident and user error caused by (glass and headlamp breaking, except cracking) tire and wheel damage, delivered avadans, accessories and documents belonging to the vehicle (traffic registration certificate, policy.. and so on. the company is obliged to compensate the losses, losses or damages which may arise in the case of being lost or unusable. In addition to periodic maintenance of vehicles, the maintenance offered by the manufacturer company is caused by user error km. the lessee shall pay the part and labor costs in return for the invoice if the lessee has to do so, or if the lessee has to pay the part and labor costs in return for the invoice.


6.1 as stated in Article 4, traffic insurance of vehicles and any costs related to them shall be made by the lessor. In case of one-sided accidents, only the vehicle, more than one vehicle involved in the accident, together with the documents of all vehicles involved in the accident by the Parties with wet signature accident report, alcohol report, driver’s license copy and Vehicle Registration Certificate, such as editing documents, originals or certified photocopies of the tenant is under the responsibility of the In the event of any damage, loss or damage to the vehicle, the lessee shall be liable to the lessee for the amount of the damage and the rental price of the vehicle in the last day of the repair. Tenant, alcohol or driving without driver’s license, traffic rules and so on. the insurer is responsible for the indemnification of all damages and reflections caused by the accident caused by its own defects.

If the repair cost is less than 5.000 TL, the repair cost is higher than 5.000 TL, the first 5.000 TL of the repairer is liable to cover the damage, 5.000 TL of the damage lasting 5.000 TL is the tenant the repair cost after the exemption, the insurance company to which the relevant motor insurance policy is purchased, within the limits of the rental car insurance policy. The depreciation of the vehicle will be determined separately and loaded into the tenant

6.2 The vehicle has a rental insurance policy for cars used for rental purposes, both against other cars and against third parties, because of accidents involved in the rental of Cars (except for the guarantees and exemptions of traffic and rental insurance policies), other cars and third parties, the tenant shall be liable for any damages that may arise.

6.3 In case of theft of the vehicle as a result of the fault of the tenant or his/her staff, the General Conditions of the automobile, in cases where the vehicle is out of guarantee (In case the vehicle leaves the key and/or leaves the car without receipt/Invoice), the tenant is obliged to compensate the damages suffered by the lessee dueIf the vehicle is stolen while in the rental, all necessary applications and reports will be made by the tenant. The lessee shall be responsible for all of the negative and positive losses in the event of failure to obtain any reports regarding theft due to a reason.

6.4 Vehicles shall be used by the lessee’s employees. The lessee shall be responsible for the damage and the reflections that occur in cases that are out of the scope of insurance when an accident occurs while being used by someone other than these persons.

6.5 Rental vehicles within the period of rental 3. all material and physical damages and expenses incurred by the lessee arising from the damages to the persons are covered within the scope of compulsory traffic insurance made by the lessee. If these costs exceed the insurance coverage limits or for any reason, the compensation of the difference will be over the lessee.

6.6 With the rental of the vehicle, the lessee will transfer the title “operator of the vehicle” with the vehicle to the lessee.


The delivery and return of the vehicles shall be as agreed upon above agreement. At the end of the contract, tenant will be held responsible for all damages and damages that have occurred out of ordinary use, which are not known, cannot be documented or collected from the insurance company during the return of the vehicles.


If any of the rented cars are stolen or damaged due to accidents and are repaired or scraped, the rental price for the period of time will continue to be processed and a temporary / equivalent vehicle will be given for damages exceeding 24 hours of repair. In case of theft or scrapping, the lessee will deliver a corresponding vehicle within 48 hours instead of the lessee, and the rental price for this temporary vehicle will continue to operate.


9.1 In the event that any of the parties fails to comply with the obligations and commitments contained in this Agreement, a notification to the other Party shall be notified of the termination of the Agreement and this Agreement shall be deemed to have been terminated together with the notification to the other party. In case of termination by the lessor, the lessee is obliged to return the vehicles within 5 days of the date of termination. Otherwise, daily rent is accrued to be 3 times more than the daily rent price tariff applied by the tenant to individual rentals until the day of the end of the 5-day period. Termination of the contract will continue to indemnify the potential losses of the defective party.

9.2 The tenant is obliged to pay the rent to the tenant for a term of 9 months for each returned vehicle (not exceeding the contract end date) if the tenant rents out the vehicle at the end of the contract or if the contract causes the contract to be terminated by not meeting the obligations of the contract. The fee for the penal clause shall be deposited to the bank account of the renter by the tenant within 7 days from the day on which the penalty charge is accrued.

9.3 In the case of a payment delay of 3 times over 2 days without any consecutive delays, the contract can be unilaterally terminated by the contractor without any further requirement, within the contract term.


10.1 The parties acknowledge that any commercial and professional information belonging to the other party will be held by the parties under this contract and that this information is not disclosed to any third party by such parties or employees. This confidentiality obligation shall survive termination or termination of this contract.

10.2 For cases where there is no provision in the agreement, the relevant provisions of the Law of Obligations and the Turkish Commercial Code shall apply.

10.3 This Contract shall be issued in accordance with the principles of mutual goodwill and solidarity, but in the event of dispute, Bakırköy Courts and Execution Offices are authorized.


The parties acknowledge, declare and undertake that the above addresses are the legal notification addresses and that the notices to be made to these addresses will have all legal consequences of the legally valid notification unless the address change is notified in writing to the other party.

This contract shall be deemed to have been drafted and signed by two parties in the date of membership on the date of  as 11 articles.