Rental Conditions

Only persons/persons specified in the contract and delivery form can use the vehicle you are renting. There is no guarantee of damage for damages that may occur if third parties not mentioned in the contract use the vehicle. In order to increase the number of vehicle users, you can purchase additional driver service from our branches. Up to 2 additional drivers can be defined for a vehicle. Rental can be made within the conditions of age and driving license set in vehicle groups. In case of failure to meet these conditions, you can purchase a “young driver” service package and rent within the limits of this package. The young driver Service Pack also includes the “maximum assurance” service. Additional driver and young driver Service Fees can be obtained from our reservation center and our branches.

At least 20 years of age and 1 year of driver’s license for Economic vehicles
Minimum 22 years of age and 2 years of driver’s license for family and middle class vehicles
Minimum age of 24 years and 3 years of driving for Minivan and Upper group vehicles

Our vehicles can be rented for at least 2days on a 24-hour basis.

In case of potential delays:

In case of a delay of 1 hour or more, the rental fee will be added to your agreement on the relevant day and the collection will be made from your credit card.

Please deliver the vehicle with the fuel level you receive. If the vehicle is delivered with the missing fuel, the service fee will be charged by adding 30% of the additional missing fuel price to the missing fuel price.

Return To Branch:

If you want to return your car to our branch in a different province than the branch you rented, “one way” fee will be applied.

Receiving from the address and delivering to the address:

Our delivery to the address and receiving from the address are committed to the availability of our branches. For distances up to 30 kilometers, 30 TL per rental is charged. In case of more than 30 kilometers, we kindly ask you to take your car from our branch and/or deliver it to our branch.

Our car insurance varies according to the campaign and prices. The insurance details are stated in your contract and delivery form. For information about the fees and limits of additional insurances you may need, you can contact our reservation Center or your rental office. Information about our insurance and assurance services is as follows.

All traffic fines (including the use of faulty toll boxes on bridges and highways) resulting from non-compliance with traffic rules and service fee will be paid from the credit card belonging to the tenant mentioned in the name.

In addition to renting your car, our products and services you can purchase are as follows. You can get information about the fee and details from our reservation center and our branches.

Child seat and booster
Delivery and return to address
Young Driver Service
Additional Driver Service

Our Mileage limit is 300 km per day and is limited to 4000 km per month. For your different demands, please contact us.


Vehicle rental fee, additional product and service fees, along with the amount of collateral at the beginning of the start of the tenant’s own personal credit card is charged in advance. According to the difference in the fees that may arise at the end of the rental, credit card collection or refund is performed. The tenant has to be present in our branch personally and no additional driver or credit card belonging to different people is accepted.

Security Fee:

Apart from vehicle rental fees, collateral amounts determined according to vehicle groups and varying between TL 750 and TL 3,000 are collected from the tenant’s personal credit card at the beginning of the rental. These collaterals collected are fully refunded within 30 days at the latest in case the vehicle is taken back as it was delivered to you.


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Kiralama Erken İade, uzatma: 

Erken iade koşulları ilgili duruma göre değişiklik göstermekte olup, önceden bilgi almanızı rica ederiz.

İptal ve İade Uygulaması:

Rezervasyonlar, rezervasyonun yapıldığı tarihteki rezervasyon saatine 48 saat kala iptal edilebilir ve böyle bir durumunda sizden hiç bir ücret talep edilmez.

All rental fees are collected from the credit card of the tenant. Debit card,virtual Card,Debit card is not valid.
In case of any damage, you must notify traffic police or traffic gendarme teams without moving your vehicle from the accident site and receive an “alcohol report” along with a police report. If the persons who are involved in the accident are agreed on the occurrence of the accident, the “report for the determination of the accident of material damage” may be issued.
In case of theft of the vehicle, the police should call to obtain a “report of theft detection”. The vehicle’s key must be delivered to us with the report received.
Departure abroad: no insurance is valid outside the borders of Turkey, as well as the removal of our vehicles outside the borders of Turkey is prohibited. Please check the delivery form and your contract.
Your car rental reservation has been approved and there is no guarantee of any brand and/or model.
The lessor is in good condition and in the vehicle he receives, usage error and/or carelessness, negligence, etc .. for reasons (including, without limitation, transmission failure due to incorrect gear shifting, damage caused due to continued use of the vehicle even if the warning light is illuminated, damage caused by hitting the bottom of the vehicle, damage to parts such as tires and rims, damage caused by Fuel, and so on. the insurer shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the insured object, including but not limited to loss of or damage to the insured object. All damages and losses, including mechanical and electrical, are out of the scope of the insurance.
Winter tire option is offered as an additional product and is subject to charge. Winter tires vary according to region and branch and are limited to stocks.